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Vinyl Wall Decal Trends

Nowadays, people want to stay up with the newest trends eloping into the scene, especially when it comes to home décor. People spend hundreds of dollars to get the right set of things that will compliment their house in every way possible. The trend of replacing traditional wallpapers with vinyl wall decals is grabbing the attention of various consumers. They come at an affordable price and you don’t have to hire professionals or take out electrical tools to apply them. You can find a variety of designs in stores ranging from complex graphic images to dynamic borders. Vinyl wall decals can actually be fun to experiment with.

  1. Sceneries with autumn trees, colorful fruit trees, flowers and twigs and barks are some of the images that are in trend if you are planning to decorate your master bedroom, fireplace or living room.
  2. If you are planning to decorate the nursery or your re doing your kids room then go for bright colored cartoons, poem lines, blooming flowers or catchy patterns.
  3. People often like bold motifs that resemble a stencil painting. They come in various colors and shape so you can match them with the theme of your room.
  4. If you want something to cover the whole wall then go for patterns full of small details which seem intricate yet simplistic.
  5. People are also fascinated by chandeliers because they have this elegance about them that creates an invincible charm. Now instead of wasting electricity on a real chandelier why not just paste one on the wall.
  6. The black and white combination of wall decals is consistently revolving. Wall decals in the form of highly linked sky scrapers and buildings that can be applied anywhere.
  7. Animal prints are a huge trend nowadays and people often match these kinds of wall decals to their area rugs to create a rugged surrounding.
  8. Quotation lines and sayings are very motivating and whenever your morale is low you will always acquire the strength after reading them on the wall of your room. They can be customized and written with different fonts, colors and sizes.
  9. To add a cooling effect to your room you can work with decals in the form of waves, waterfalls, splashes of water. This will contribute to a summery pleasure for you to enjoy.
  10. People who adore art and want to take a route through something artistic and pre historic then vinyl wall decals offer them something better than purchasing thousands worth of paintings. You can get the desired replica of the painting you want and stick it on your wall giving a realistic look to the room.


There are thousands of websites dedicated to help you identify the most recent trends of vinyl wall decals. You can go through them and decide on your own. However, keep track of what does your room really wants and what will actually suit in it. Do not over do and crowd up one wall but ask for professional help to set the decals in place.

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