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Cheap & Easy Ways To Decorate While Renting

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Just because you are renting doesn't mean you can't add some pop and fun to the place. There is a massive population that rents out a place before they take the big leap of buying a house. There are so many new ideas and designs up in the market that temporary decoration has made its way not only for rented houses but also for the permanent ones. Nowadays, the interior decoration is all about contemporary and less crowded. Most people want to utilize the space efficiently but add their own style. Here are some of my favorite things to do to a place I'm renting. 

1. Vinyl wall decals are much easier to apply than wallpapers. You can find various patterns, graphics and images to choose from. Their application is easy and they are easy to remove when it's time to move out. See: HERE 

 2. If you want people to notice your windows then using window decals are a good option. They can be put up on glass either indoors or outdoors giving your house an edgy look. This is one of my favorite holiday decor tricks. Adding spider webs for Halloween or snowflakes for Christmas. So easy and simple but they look amazing and people always mention how awesome it looks. One of the best scary window decals is this Michael Myers Halloween decor window decal.

 Source: Michael Myers Decal

3. If window decals don’t work for you that's okay, they aren't for everyone but another favorite decor idea that completely changes the look of a room is simply adding curtains. Let’s be honest, those nasty blinds that most rented places come with SUCK. There are a range of curtains that can be used not only for decorative purposes but also because they entrap heat in the winters. Double win! 

4. Another interesting crafty decor idea that I enjoy using is Washi tape. It is made in Japan especially for the purpose of decorating and crafting but you can find it in all kinds of stationary shops. It can easily stick to any surface but smoother surfaces have a better coherence with it. I use it to create fake frames around pictures or art that I want up without having to use nails. Plus it saves me money because I don’t need frames. 

5. If you don’t have the permission to paint the walls than why don’t you try on painting the furniture? Things that have a white base are the best to start with. Mix and match colors to your room and create something new. If you have kids they will love this activity and they can contribute with other creative ideas.

6. A little insight of nature never did anyone harm and plant lovers will absolutely love this idea of adding potted plants. They are very cheap and you can get them in any size. Try to fill your kitchen windows, dining area or your living room boundaries with money plants that have seasonal flowers in them. The essence of greenery creates a fresh atmosphere for you to live in. Bonus: It filters your air for free!

7. Moreover, when it comes to the flooring you can’t do much due to limitations from the owner but there is always an alternate. Area rugs are in fashion and you can get carpets of any size or color to fit your room. Rugs don’t need adhesives and they can be placed wherever required. Even the maintenance cost is minimized.

8. This may or may not work for you, depending on the base flooring you have, but it’s one of my all time favorite rental hacks when it comes to decor. It’s not as cheap as an area rug or as easy but it looks fabulous. I moved into office space recently and the carpet was awful. It was this nasty ugly speckled green color that I absolutely hated! I went into my nearest Big Box Home Improvement Store and saw this click laminate faux wood flooring that looked awesome and came with an attached foam underlayment. I bought the cheapest one I found which was about $1.25 per square foot. I installed it myself and it was so easy. Took me a few hours to complete but it was so worth it because it completely changed the look of the place.

9. The best part about using command and Velcro strips for hangings is that there is no drilling or hammering of nails required. They fix into place by just pressing them on the wall and you are ready to hang a frame or a clock. There are no cracks in the plaster so it saves up for any carpenter charges.


All of these things are easy to install and put in place. You can do it yourself without any professional help. Set up your house and enjoy the new beginning.

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