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Vinyl Decal Application

Vinyl Decals are trending instantly when it comes to customizing because there is no hassle associated to applying or removing them. You can hire a professional or just do it yourself. Vinyl decals can be applied on various surfaces which can take up the form of walls, windows, automobiles and desks etc. Vinyl decals are also known as vinyl stickers.

The temperature of the surface you will apply the decal on should range from 50 to 90 degrees to avoid melt downs and ensure the best results. If the surface is too hot or over 90 degrees Fahrenheit it will cause the adhesive to become rigid and solid whereas if it gets too cold then the adhesive will not stay on properly. So, the performance of the adhesive depends greatly on the temperature. If you plan on placing the vinyl decal outdoor keep track of the winds as they should be below 10 mph. Blow away any dirt or dust that might interfere with the bonding of the graphic adhesive.

Applying vinyl decals with a light coating of fluid on the surface allows you to reposition it in order to reduce the forth coming of wrinkles and bubbles. The dry method is risky and you can easily make a mistake that is difficult to reverse. Once the vinyl is applied to the required surface, you can’t remove the decal without damaging it.

If you are applying the vinyl decal yourself then you will need:


-Tape measure

-Masking tape

-Credit card or squeegee provided (to remove bubbles evenly)

-Isopropyl or Non-Ammonia glass cleaner



Firstly of all clean the surface with soap water and apply either the Isopropyl or Non Ammonia glass cleaner spray that will set grounds to ensure that the decal is applied perfectly. You can do it 1 week prior to application. Measure the area, where you need to place the decal then place it and add masking tape to let it stay before you apply the adhesive. Create a hinge by applying the masking tape down over the small pieces, lift the decal towards the hinge and remove the backing liner. If your vinyl decal has bigger dimensions then work with half of it at a time. Then grab the decal and rise it and push the credit card from the above in the same direction downward, squeezing any air space that comes in between. Put pressure from the credit card equally to the middle and sides.

You can now remove the application tape that is present over the decal which can easily be peeled off. Try not to pull it upward because the decal might disposition. Removing the vinyl decal is also very easy and all you need is a blow dryer or heat gun. When you heat up the vinyl it loosens up allowing you to remove it from the surface. The adhesive residue can also be removed with an adhesive remover. Another benefit of using vinyl decal is that the application is not that expensive. The things required can be purchased from any local store.   

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