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My husband and I had just bought our first home here in Valencia California, after hopping around the US while he served in the military and then renting all over while we saved up to buy. The walls were bare and we were so used to not being able to damage walls where we lived that we had no idea how to decorate or what to do. I thought it would be cool to get vinyl wall decals and looked into how they were made because it seemed so interesting. I learned what I could and bought the cheapest plotter I found with a little start up kit of vinyl to attempt decorating our house and that is the story of how we started out. Friends and family liked some of my ideas and I started making things for other people.. before I knew it we had full time work making decals. We bought a new bigger machine and then another because we were growing so rapidly. Eventually, we had to get more space and it's been an awesome adventure. It's only been a few short years but this simple decor idea has become an incredible family business. The 3 of us (we added a baby boy into the mix) do it all: design, create, package and ship. 


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