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How to choose the perfect Vinyl Wall Decal?

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Vinyl wall decals are the new in thing this season because of their ease to apply and cost efficiency. People are buying more of these to decorate their walls in ways they want. These Vinyl wall decals can be customized so before you purchase something do ask the shop keeper about your options. There are a variety of wall decals in the market but before you decide on one for your room take a few things into account because you need to select the most perfect piece to invest in.

  1. When in doubt, ask! It's what we do so please ask us before you buy. Use professional help when selecting a vinyl wall decal because you might be thinking to apply the same decal which you saw on a glass window to your wall. The combination you are thinking might not work. This is when professional assistance will come in handy. Vinyl decals will not stick well to wall surfaces painted with Teflon, stain guard or low VOC paints. We have a solution but it might not be a good fit for you. Ask, we will help figure out the best option for your needs. 
  2. If you have never applied a decal before, start off with something smaller so you can test the waters and get some practice in. At Word Factory Design we believe anyone can put up a decal but the more practice you have the easier it is. 
  3. What type of vinyl you want for your decal. Removable wall vinyl with a matte finish or the traditional permanent adhesive glossy finish vinyl? If you want your interior lighting to create a shiny effect embezzling the whole room then you can go for the glossy vinyl. However, Matte has this edge to it that makes your wall look refined and chic. Matte also happens to be the removable wall vinyl that people like for indoors because it comes easily and leaves no residue behind. Oracal 631 removable vinyl is what we traditionally use for all indoor wall decals unless you specify otherwise. 
  4. Another element that you need to keep track of to find the most appropriate wall decal is adhesive. Some vinyl’s have permanent adhesive whereas others have temporary adhesive that allows you to easily remove the decal. Both of these vinyls have their own suggested benefits and even if you purchase the wall decal with temporary adhesive you don’t have to worry about it peeling off, they hold up incredibly well. Permanent adhesive is generally used for decals that have to be placed outdoors and it serves you for a long term. We use Oracal 631 for most indoor decals and Oracal 651 for outdoor car decals. 
  5. Your vinyl decal choice will also depend on the texture and paint of the wall. A hard porous surface doesn’t adhere to wall decals whereas smooth surfaces will quickly adapt to the decal. A huge issue people run into now with the low or no VOC paints is not being able to get Oracal 631 vinyl (indoor removable vinyl) to stick. It's unfortunate but there isn't much you can do about it. The paint is meant to keep things from stick to it and it does a good job. The solution that we've found is to use Oracal 651 on those paints. The upside is that you get your decal up, the downside is that you can't remove the decal without noticeable residue and possibly damaging the paint job. If you don't mind those issues, then you have a solution for sticking things to your non stick wall. 

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