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What Are Vinyl Wall Decals?

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Vinyl Wall Decals: An exciting way to décor your walls!


When it comes to home décor you have to settle for the best and most fascinating pieces to make your house more appealing. When you plan to design your home you have to look for the smallest details that will accompany the bigger ones. Nowadays, the idea of big and bold elements is circling its way back. So, try incorporating things that express your lifestyle in a contemporary yet elegant way. When you enter a room, the first thing that pops in your mind is the desire of colors that will spice up the atmosphere. The next thing, you consider are those white washed walls that need to have a well coordinated texture or color scheme on them. There is a new technique that you can use on your walls, and it is known as the vinyl wall decals. They are also known as wall tattoos and wall stickers in the market.

They are fixated on walls which have smooth surfaces because the effect is more refined over them. Wall decals used to have one color patterns but now you can also find them in the form of graphic images. Wall decals can range from simple wall borders to complex patterns for the whole wall. They can be found in specific designs however, dimensions vary with the consumer’s tastes. They are delicate as they have to be pasted on the walls. Some of them can be reused but most of them can’t. They have this shiny laminated sheet that gives it the smooth shiny texture.   You can also find variety in the vinyl for instance the matte vinyl which is very thin and when it is placed on the wall it looks like a painting.

The production process of these vinyl wall decals has various stages in it. Firstly, there is a pattern or image made with a special kind of software on the computer that will instruct the vinyl cutter about how to cut it. This input then works its way to the vinyl cutter that cuts the vinyl using a very special sharp blade. After this is done it is taken at a flat surface to start the process of weeding and tapping. The unwanted vinyl is removed whereas the smaller leftovers are removed with the help of specially designed tweezers; this is the method of weeding. The design is then published over the transferring tape which can either be applied to a surface as a whole or individual designs can be cut out from them.

Some of the most frequently asked question about vinyl wall decals is; how long do they last on the walls? Well, they can stay up until 3 years as they have the ability to withhold the moisture or dirt, if applied correctly. It only takes an hour or two to apply them but you can take the help of a professional for bigger decals. They need to be taken off carefully with the use of a blow dryer so that when you take them off you wall color doesn’t peel off with it.  These vinyl decals are a way of expression for you on the wall. You can try different abstract arts or borders to make your room look impressive.

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