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Ideal Alternatives for Vinyl Wall Decals

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Vinyl Wall Decals are the optimal option for indoor décor as it gives an outstanding appearance to the room and lounge. But still, there are some alternatives for Vinyl Wall Decal that you might prefer. A few alternatives include:

  • DIY Wall Art
  • Writings on the wall

DIY Wall Art:

DIY is the art that doesn’t require paint or stickers to be pasted on the walls. They require an idea and the best hardware to accomplish your ideas. This method is affordable and is inexpensive. There are certain steps to be completed for your room:

1. Collect the stuff you need:

Start approaching your ideas by collecting the stuff you need. The list of things you need are:

      • Writing tool like marker or a pen.
      • Tape like transparent tape or a masking tape.
      • Scissors
      • Contact paper which is colored on one side and sticky on the other side.
      • Scrap paper like rough paper or newspaper.
      • Plastic card

(The cost of collecting all these utensils will be summed up as $40-$50, which is quite cheap.)

2. Sketch the design:

The design or idea you want to accomplish or want your room look alike, start drawing the rough sketch on the newspaper or the rough paper.

3. Check the size according to the surface of use:

Fix the sketch on the surface of placement using a tape and satisfy yourself about the size and design being ideal for the surface.

4. Copy the sketch on the contact paper:

When you’re satisfied with the size and the design of your drawing, transfer the design by drawing it on the contact paper. Use a lead pencil so that it can be erased if necessary.

5. Cut the final design:

When you have finished with copying the design on the contact paper, start cutting in out leaving some margins from the sides to avoid any inconvenience. Save the scraps for later use.

6. Paste it on the surface:

Stick the contact paper on the wall by removing the back cover of the contact paper of the cuttings one by one. Use the library card to remove the air bubbles so that it can be pasted properly.

7. Use scraps:

Use the waste cuttings and scraps to decorate the pattern and give a decent look.

8. Enjoy!

Writings on the walls:

By writing on the walls, it gives a next level look to the room. The interesting writings requires ideas and a path. You would need:

  • MS Word for font size and style
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Tape

First of all, find a quote or a phrase you want to use for your room. Rephrase the quote if required. Then write the words on Microsoft Word customizing the size and style of your choice by adding effects and colors to the words. It would be a great thing to provide your writings a shape like a tree, lips, lamp etc. Get the print out using a colored printer. Cut the white spaces out and keep the scraps for later use. Clean the surface you want to decorate with a damp sponge or a smooth towel. Paste the desired writings on the wall using the tape on the back side of the printed design. Press the design against the wall to get it stick properly. Use the scraps to give a fine look by designing. And enjoy the fabulous look of the room.

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